A 3-year-old boy gets lost in the woods and appears several days later, claiming that a “friendly bear” took care of him

Facebook users could not help but be amazed after learning the story. (Photo: Referential / Pixabay)

No one can explain how Casey Hathaway, an American boy who got lost while playing at his grandmother’s house, survived two days of extreme cold, strong winds and torrential rains. His unusual explanation went viral on  Facebook

The story of Casey Hathaway, a 3-year-old boy who disappeared while playing with friends in the yard of his grandmother’s house located in Ernul, North Carolina in the United States, has gone viral on Facebook.

His search began almost immediately, including some 600 volunteers along with members of the FBI and the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled due to the extreme cold weather conditions: near -6 ° C, strong wind and rain.

Search for Casey. (Photo: AP)

However, and against all odds, little Cassey was found two days later. According to The Guardian, rescuers found him “tangled in thorny bushes, cold and soaked,” but in perfect health. The fact amazed thousands on Facebook.

The most surprising thing came later. And is that in addition to spending two days out in the open, without food or water and exposed to low temperatures, the child said that, during all those days, a “friendly bear” had been taking care of him.

Parents of the child express their joy after finding it. (Photo: AP)

It became known on Facebook that Casey is quite consistent with the story he told the authorities who interviewed him, so it is still unclear how the child was able to stay all that time in the forest with only a few scratches.

The protagonist of this story, which went viral on Facebook , “did not say how he was able to survive and all that,” but he did say that “he had a friend in the forest, who was a bear who was with him,” he explained. Sheriff of Craven County.

Sheriff Hughes Explains Rescue

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes chats with Merrilee Moore this morning as 3-year-old Casey Hathaway rests at Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern.

Posted by WCTI NewsChannel 12 on Friday, January 25, 2019

It is known that the authorities continue working to reconstruct the details of this confusing case that has been generating various reactions among users of social networks.

The possibility that the child has been kidnapped has been ruled out.

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