Sat. Sep 1st, 2018

Kevin Owens just ‘quit’ on RAW and has been quickly removed from WWE’s current roster

This week’s episode of RAW wasted no time in setting up a number of big storylines as we head towards two big PPV events.

The first of those comes on September 16, as Hell in a Cell returns.


After Monday’s action, we now know that the Universal Championship match has been made official.

Roman Reigns will be defending against Braun Strowman inside the cell – and it will act as the challenger’s Money in the Bank cash in.

That match was likely made to ensure that there can be no interference from The Shield, as there was last week when Braun almost lost his opportunity in the closing segment of RAW.

Interestingly, Monday’s episode also set up a match that involves all of those superstars going at it once again.

The main event of RAW this week was a tag team match that saw Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre face Strowman and Reigns.

The ending to that saw “The Monster” turn on the Universal champ before he, Ziggler and McIntyre beatdown Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as well.

Following that turn, it was announced that The Shield will take on this newfound trio at the Super Show-Down PPV on October 6 in Australia.

But that wasn’t the only storyline that advanced on Monday, with WWE apparently building something very interesting for Kevin Owens.


Earlier on in the night, KO answered Rollins’ Intercontinental Championship open challenge.

In front of a Toronto crowd, the pair put on a brilliant match, which saw Seth successfully defend, just.

But things got even more interesting after the bout. Rather than leaving the ring, Owens sat there in silence through the commercial break for about five minutes.

When RAW returned, a clearly upset KO remained for another few seconds, before uttering the words “I quit”, dropping the mic and leaving.

Of course, it’s all part of a build, but at this point, it’s unclear where WWE are going with Owens, who’s had a pretty tough time since moving to the red brand in April.

What is clear though, is that the company are really investing in the storyline.


Following his announcement, the superstar has now been moved from the active RAW roster to the Alumni page on WWE’s official website.

The change is a perfect touch to KO’s new storyline and it will leave fans questioning what’s going to happen next.

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